Shades of Shadows

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This book is a collaborative project between the wife of the undersigned and the undersigned, the visual artist Anne Hernegren Hauger. It is therefore me who in the biography is the guy that she met in Nepal and who then lived in Uppsala.

It is more than thirty years since Anne started painting full-time, and for as long as I can remember, her painting has been a common concern of us. Not the painting itself, but much of what is around it: framing,
exhibitions, finance, web management, advertising and information – such as producing this book.

It has been a pleasure to gather a selection from Anne's production, present them nicely and hang on to texts with varying messages. There have been many trips, and a lot of work at home. But we always have fun when we work together, despite the stressful periods that have occurred, and for that matter also periods of low motivation. This is the case in the industry – rarely any position that can be classified as "just right".

Pleasant reading!
Karlstad in November 2020
Olle Hernegren

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