Welcome to Anne's Painting! In my painting I try to capture the colors in light and shadow, and I investigate how different objects affect each other. For me, light painting is a symbolic language for ecological thinking.
Here you can see and buy quality prints (giclées) of my originals. The prints are made in a limited series, and each print is controlled and signed by me and is individually numbered.

Ruthie Tucker is a curator at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery 20, 2014, in New York. Here's what it said in the press release about my exhibition there in 2011:
"Like Monet, Contemporary artist Anne Hauger paints beautiful landscapes brimming with the spirit, color, and light of the artist's impression..
Ms. Hauger's stunning depictions of the world around her effortlessly transport the viewer to idyllic locales throughout Europe and New Zealand. .
The very essence of each location exudes from the beautiful tableaus, filling the spectator's space with the scent of fresh spring blooms, the caress of the late afternoon sunlight and the sound of the waves lapping the shore. Ms. Hauger crafts this alluring atmosphere through her masterful coloration and textural brushstrokes."

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